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Advent 2023

1-Hope With Us


Kati Beasley

Luke 1:39-55

Advent is here! Today we are taking some time to talk about hope and looking at Luke 1:39-55.

2-The Gravity of Jesus


Dave Brickey

Matthew 2:1-12

Advent week 2! Anyone else really enjoying the Christmas seasons so far?! Today we're talking about joy, using Matthew 2:1-12 as our guide.

3-Defiant Peace


Tom Johnson

Luke 2:1-15

What does it look like to have peace in the midst of less than peaceful circumstances? We're diving into Luke 2:1-15 to see if we can find an answer to that.

4-Christmas Eve 2023


Dave Brickey

It's Christmas Eve! A wonderful time of being together as a church family to celebrate Love that has come in the form of a baby.

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