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Future Church - Ancient Roots

1-Fan to Follower


Dave Brickey

Today we began a new five-week series titled "Future Church, Ancient Roots. For many of us Christians, there is a mysterious gap between what we read about in the teachings of Jesus and the life we are actually living. Somewhere along the way, many of us feel plateaued in our spiritual formation, and many times it moves beyond that to a sense of regression. Instead of becoming more like Jesus, we are becoming more busy, worried, and on edge. Could there be something regarding the way we are going about “being a Christian” that is stunting our formation and keeping us from living into “life to the full” (John 10:10) as Jesus teaches? In this series, we have put together (in the words of Dallas Willard) a curriculum for Christlikeness by highlighting five movements that will help us detangle our discipleship to Jesus from the ways of this world and reframe our spiritual formation Biblically. Simply said, as we move into the future as a church family, may we return to the ancient roots of our faith as a community radically committed to being formed into Jesus’ likeness.

2-For God to With God


Dave Brickey

How do we go from living For God to living With God? What's the difference? Dave unpacks that for us today.

3-Factories to Fields


Dave Brickey

Our culture is one that looks at much of life through a mechanical lens. We create machines to help us get specific outcomes at specific times. When those principles are applied to our spiritual lives things can get a little wonky. Instead, what if we viewed our life with God through a different lens?

4-Performance to Practice


Dave Brickey

5-Owner to Steward


Dave Brickey

Today we're wrapping up the Future Church - Ancient Roots series we have been in by looking at how we can become stewards.

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