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Songs of Hope

1-Enter Beloved


Kati Beasley

Today we are kicking off a brand new sermon series titled "Songs of Hope: (Re)discovering Hope in Jesus through the Lens of the Psalms." The Psalms is a deeply honest collection of work both inspired by the Holy Spirit while also pouring out of the human heart. Used throughout Jewish history by choirs that sang in Israel’s temple, many of the Psalms were songs of hope in the midst of darkness. Our goal in this study is to continue to embrace the truth that the books of the Bible are not 66 separate stories, but one story moving towards their culmination in Jesus by looking to these ancient prophetic Songs of Hope, called the Messianic Psalms, as our guide.

2-Jesus the Son of God


Tom Johnson

Psalm 2:7 & Matthew 3:13-17

3-The Eras Tour (Psalm 2 Version)


Brittany Dicus

Today we're popping into Psalm 2:1-3 & Acts 4:23-31 and talking about some different eras the people in the Bible lived through.

Psalm 2:1-3 & Acts 4:23-31

4-Jesus is Our High Priest


Dave Brickey

Jesus is often called our high priest. But what does that even mean? Today we're looking to Psalm 110:4 & Hebrews 5:1-10 as we explore that idea.

Psalm 110:4 & Hebrews 5:1-10

5-Jesus Prays for His Enemies


Amanda Svensk

Today we're looking at Psalm 109:4-5 & Luke 23:34 and wondering what it looks like to love our enemies.

Psalm 109:4-5 & Luke 23:34

6-Jesus the Cornerstone is Rejected


Tom Johnson

Today's text is Psalm 118:22-23 & Matthew 21:42. But what even is a cornerstone and why is it important? That's just one of the things we tackle today .

Psalm 118:22-23 & Matthew 21:42

7-A Contrast of Power


Dave Brickey

8-The Ascension


Kati Beasley

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